Med Green Forum, Mediterranean Architecture and Green-digital Transition

Mediterranean Green Forum, on Mediterranean Architecture and Green-Digital Transition

Mediterranean Green Forum, on Mediterranean Architecture and Green-Digital Transition will take place in Florence (Italy) from 20 to 22 July 2022 and will be hosted by the DIDA Department of Architecture – University of Florence.

Since the first edition in 2010, the World Renewable Energy Congress and Network Forum have organized the bi-annual Med Green Forum to highlight the role of Renewable Energy applications in the sustainable building sector as foundation of a truly positive energy future, with a focus on the Mediterranean region, where an effective RE implementation should act as a beacon of light to the rest of the world to follow. Coming to the sixth edition, MGF is an open round-table for an international community of researchers, experts and enthusiasts to discuss the most innovative and promising sustainable building technologies.

In the unique socio-climatic and cultural context of the Mediterranean basin, the recognized challenge is to regenerate cities by renovating the existing built environment, in order to reduce its huge environmental impact and meet the global goals of clean energy in sustainable cities and communities, but also responsible production and health and well-being for all.

In the era of climate change and in the years of the pandemic experience and pervading digitalization, MGF6 will open a debate on how the need to re-think healthier living spaces is stimulating the building sector to innovate across the ongoing Green and Digital transitions.

In this sense, the mission of MGF6 is to explore the virtuous intersections between twin transitions in actual policies, programs, projects and experimentations, with the Digital domain innovating the Green building sector towards more reliable and inclusive planning and design practices, where to collectively envision future buildings and cities.

Este evento es organizado por el Departamento de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Florencia, socio del proyecto euromediterráneo Med-EcoSuRe, en el cual también participa SOLARTYS, clúster de la energía solar.

El evento está terminado.


Jul 20 - 22 2022


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