Spanish projects 2019


Consortium: Aliter Group / Energía Verda / CITCEA UPC 

Budget: 185,789 euros 

Call for proposals: Agrupación de Empresas InnovadorasMinisterio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) 

Description: The project has developed a prototype of a STORM laboratory, not suitable for real field testing or for marketing, based on the emulation of the electrical network, implementing a restricted set of functionalities, which guarantee the full operability of the proposed solution, to evaluate different technical and technological solutions, in order to limit the technological risks that the development of STORM will face in the face of phase II of SME Instrument H2020, thus facilitating the decisions of the leading companies in the project. 


ConsortiumIte / Lavola / Ampere Energy 

Budget: 38,354.10 euros 

Call for proposals:  Agrupación de Empresas InnovadorasMinisterio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) 

Description: This project was defined to investigate analytical data techniques for improving solar self-consumption by incorporating NIALM (non-intrusive appliance load monitoring) algorithms into individualised demand forecasts. In this way, products can be developed that integrate algorithms for predicting consumption broken down by household appliances, based on a single measure of aggregate (total) energy consumption at the point of supply in the home. 


Consortium: Endef / Leitat 

Budget: 90,958 euros 

Call for proposals: Agència de Residus de Catalunya 

Description: The Light ECOMESH project, “High Efficiency Hybrid Solar Panels – Photovoltaic Improvement Study”, aims to evaluate possible improvements from a mechanical point of view (lighter panels) of the photovoltaic part of hybrid panels (PVT, photovoltaic-thermal) and thus offer a real and highly efficient solution to the joint generation of electricity and heat. During the execution of the project, a study was carried out of the different photovoltaic technologies that can be used as an alternative to those already existing in the hybrid panel developed by the company EndeF. 

Implementación nuevas tecnologías

Consortium: IAAC/ AMAISYS 

Budget: 91,645 euros 

Call for proposals: Agrupación de Empresas InnovadorasMinisterio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism) 

Description: Implementation of new technologies in order to develop tools that affect the achievement of new efficient and sustainable models of the energy and construction sector”. The main objective of this proposal is to adapt the DIGITAL ADOBE manufacturing process to the needs of the MOSS VOLTAICS system by incorporating an I2oT (industrial IoT) sensing technology platform oriented towards cloud services (SaaS: software as services) with automatic learning and visualisation using augmented reality to support and optimise the energy generation process. 

Plataforma para la gestión de residuos

Plataforma para la gestión de residuos 

Consortium: Lavola 

Budget: 38,353 euros 

Call for proposalsAgència de Residus de Catalunya 

Project title: «Plataforma para la gestión de residuos de las placas solares y potenciales empresas recicladoras para su reutilización» 

Description: Creation of a platform for the management of solar panel waste and potential recycling companies for its use. Once the solar panel inventory has been obtained and the waste prognosis has been calculated, the parameters of the ICT solution will be defined with the agents of interest in order to implement it in the solar industry value chain. 

Transición Energética

Consortium: Solartys 

Budget: 40,058 euros 

Call for proposals: Iniciatives de reforç a la competitivitat. ACCIÓ. 

Description: “The Energy Transition, a new horizon for the solar sector”. The new energy paradigm and the urgency of measures to achieve greater sustainability of the planet, requires a change of mindset at all levels, including and starting with the solar energy cluster itself. The objective of this project was to reposition Solartys as a leading entity in the face of the new paradigm posed by the energy transition. The tools to use are a repositioning plan, strategic analysis and the creation of a report, strategic alliances and the presentation to the media taking advantage of the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Solartys.