Solar Energy Cluster Spain

¿When does Solartys start as a Solar Energy Cluster?

At Solartys, Solar Energy Cluster, we have been working since 2009 with the conviction that a more sustainable future is possible, fighting for the new generations so they can find a better world than the one we have now. We are convinced that technology and sustainability have to go hand to hand. The time to act is now.

¿What is Solartys and what is our objective? 

Solartys is a non-profit association and works alongside the entire solar energy value chain, manufacturers and distributors of materials and components, engineering, installers and promoters of solar energy projects. We bring together all the relevant agents in the sector and together we join efforts to make the energy transition a reality.

¿What is the relationship between  Solartys and Secartys?

Solartys is part of the Secartys cluster ecosystem, together with Cicat, Domotys and Aepibal.

Since 1968, Secartys works to promote the competitiveness of Spanish technology companies and increase their presence worldwide.  Secartys offers all these experiences and contacts  to Solartys to drive the expansion of the solar energy sector.