Green Small Smart Cities (GSSC) is a project financed by the European Union, in the framework of the programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME), call Cluster Go International, whose objective is to intensify the collaboration between European strategic clusters in order to lead the international cooperation of groups of companies in fields of strategic interest beyond Europe. 


A city can be defined as smart when it displays positive performance in three fields: innovation, entrepreneurship and the generation of economic activity, knowledge and talent and finally digital society and economy. These elements have to be built based on a “smart” combination of elements (communications, infrastructure, economic development) and on purposeful and independent citizen activities (participation, education) that make sound management of the available resources through open governance. 

Hence, the focus of the GSSC project is to analyse and compare the opportunities and needs of cities in developing countries: energy infrastructure, renewable energy solutions, rational use of resources, lack of connectivity, water treatment, internet access, implementation of digital solutions, lowering the carbon footprint among many other vital issues that are already covered in large cities, but not in rural and developing areas. 

The GSSC project will support the transfer of knowledge, solutions, products and services to help them meeting the global challenges they are facing worldwide. 

GENERAL OBJECTIVE of GSSC – Green Small Smart Cities

GSSC project aims to disseminate the use of sustainable technological solutions from Europe to the less developed regions of the world, by supporting the internationalization strategy of European SMEs that have innovative solutions, complementary technologies and a shared vision to build a better world. 


PARTNERS of GSSC – Green Small Smart Cities

The Clusters composing the partnership has been carefully chosen for their great potential to combine solutions on solar energy (SOLARTYS), water (CWP), green technologies (Greentech) using as key enabling technologies ICT (MCICT) and nanotechnology (NP); and for their individual experience working with their members on internationalization processes. Thus, GSSC project represents more than 400 entities. 

SOLARTYS, clúster de la energía solar


CWP – Catalan Water Partnership

Greentech – Clust-ER

MCICT – Mazovia Cluster ICT

NP- Nanoprogress z.s


September 2020


24 months


222.202, 62€


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